Lake Wanaka SouNZ Inc

is a not-for-profit group
set up last century to promote
Kiwi music.

On the music educational side of things,
check out what’s happening at

is scheduled for May 2017
so stay tuned.

Have a brilliant year full of music
and we’ll see you soon . . .

until Rippon
UPDATED 9/3/15

Taking a break but we’ll be back . . . !

We’re giving the land a chance to breathe, and new plants a chance to grow and taking a hiatus year. The beautiful vineyard which hosts this yummy festival is re-juicing its juiciness and rejuvenating its juviness!

The land’s primary function is to grow delicious grapes which somehow, magically - the talented Mills Family and Rippon Vineyard Team shape into superb, world-class wines.

But don’t panic - we’ll be back - with a vigour and joie de vivre that may astound and surprise you. Plan your reunions for Saturday February 3rd, 2018. Plenty of time to book the babysitter for those kids you haven’t even had yet :)

In the meantime, for those of you keen to boost your own song crafting skills, or learn about other careers in the music industry, check out YAMI SOUNZ SUMMIT scheduled for May 14 & 15 this year in Wanaka.

Photos from the 2014 Rippon shindig can be found HERE